my fan mission:
>> Masque of the Red Death - with briefing (18.9 mb)
>> Masque of the Red Death - without briefing (15 mb)
>> read me file
>> screenshots (thanks to Lady Jo at the French forums)
>> loot/item/secret list
this was originally made (about 98%) for Komag's contest #4, abandoned for a year & i finally got around to adding objectives and fixing some little bugs. it has some "new" motions - well old motions that are in the original motion database, but were not accessible by regular old dromed means. special thanks to everyone at ttlg :)
a couple customish/modified objects:
(each zip file contains a text file with simple directions for use)
>> 4x4 secret door with 3 replaceable textures
secret doorthis is just the regular 4x4 door, but edited in a 3d program to allow for 3 textures (front, back & sides) to be placed on it. why it wasn't already like this... i don't know :p

>> different coins
five different coins to use in place of that big gold coin

>> paperclip
two paperclip versions - one a small file/low poly & the other a larger file/ more polys

>> window
a window (or window-frame as it has no glass) - casts some decent shadows (i had to overlight it for it to show here - it's darker)

>> bird bath
a bird bath that uses whatever texture you want (sorry about the darkness in my screenshots). it has a twisted-looking base - although the screen shot isn't showing that too well... like this:

>> bird / crow

a bird STATUE - it's a statue because it has no movement associated - has no joints - although i did try to make a jointed one that could fly off or fly around, but that's just not working out with bsp (it's good for somewhere the player can't go - or as a stuffed bird or something)

- also in 2 of these pictures are the bird bath object available above & the pool of water object available below

>> pool of water object

that white thing surrounding
the water in the picture
isn't part of the object.
the object is -only- the water itself
(and is circular in shape)
a pool of water object
- no, that's not really regular water
- yes, it moves like water does (no it doesn't sound like water does if you walk through it, but you can make it AmbientHacked and what not). i was aggravated at not being able to put water inside an object without doing some weird brushing... like my birdbath - or the buckets. make sure you follow the directions included in the zip file & definitely add transparency... or else it looks kinda funny (looks better in-game than my stupid dark screen dumps)

>> pumpkin

it's...a pumpkin!
stupid screen dumps...argh! anyway... this is a pumpkin. the area the screenshot was taken in has this red light coming out of a window to the right - so the color's a bit weird on the small one shown, but the larger one is pretty accurate.

some textures:
window textures1. round, stained glass, devilish-sort window
2. round, stained glass fish window
3. rose-vine stained glass window
4. another stained glass window
5. and another stained glass window
6. the brick texture also on #5
7. (i don't know what this glass is called... insulated, thick type)
8. large stained glass window of wisteria (divided into 3 separate textures)
9. this is actually my favourite - a wall with detailed vines
the rest are just... stuff - some lattice, some shingles, some wood, some rocky cement

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